Chloe Dior

Chloe Dior
London's Best Luxury Companion & Adventurer


Donation - Our time is sacred. Services are non-negotiable and talk about donation should remain silent at all times. Kindness familiarise yourself with my website and reviews is probably the best way to get to know me before we meet. We won’t be talking about donation when we meet if you bring this up I have no choice but to regretful end our date.

Respect - I know that our time together will feel incredibly natural. Please remember that the connection we share is confined to our date.

I understand we may have wonderful chemistry and absolutely love each others company, however, this is my business and i am sure you wish to respect it.

Time - I so look forward to being with you though I suspect time will pass quickly! I recommend reviewing my donations prior to your arrival in case you are having such an incredible experience and wish to extend our time together. However, do not presume that my schedule is open as I am a touring companion who also maintains a very private life. Being placed in the uncomfortable position of having to remind you that our date is nearing an end is very uncomfortable for both of us. If my schedule permits, I will be more than happy to extend our encounter by first updating your donation.

Hygiene - a well groomed gentleman presented in pleasant attire with a fresh, clean scent is quite alluring and mandatory for our engagement. Kindly take the time to prepare yourself prior to our date. If for some reason that is not possible, you will be more than welcome to make use of my bathroom and all of the amenities at my incall location.

Safety - protecting my safety and well being is critical and I cannot allow anything to jeopardize that. A true gentleman will always respect a lady’s wishes and abide well within her comfort zone. In the event that I am pressured to violate that zone or engage in what I consider to be unsafe practices, I will have no choice but to abruptly end our encounter and terminate our relationship. But let’s not let that happen!

Recent Feedbacks

(Zach) - I just spent two of the most amazing hours of my life with the vivacious and heavenly Chloe Dior. Eternity is not enough time to be with her, let alone two hours. She exceeded all expectations and is as down to earth as she is classy. Her photos don’t do her justice, especially once you account for her personality and grace. I’d like to think we were lost kindred souls who found each other after too long apart. She is a lady, an insatiable lover, attentive soul mate and hands down the sexiest woman in every sense of the word. She also receives as good as she gives in multiple ways. We laughed a lot, and everything else. A real gentleman doesn’t tell. I cannot wait to see her again. Xoxo SD in DC 27/09/2018

(Gus) - Met this delightful lady in Dubai few days ago. She’s the perfect girlfriend and one of the few ladies who can stimulate both brains. Her face is gorgeous and her body made my heart skip several beats. If you treat her right, she’ll squirt a waterfall. I enjoyed an awesome 2-hour session with Chloe. And hope to enjoy another one to finish some unfinished business.. Dubai 22/11/2017

(Jiro) - The Perfect Night With The Perfect Woman.. Tokyo 20/10/2017

(Don Ross) -Thanks Chloe, I had a wonderful time. Everything was perfect, even down to minor details of making arrangements, and being on time. And from there,.. Simply the best. St.Louis 17/09/2017

(David) -Thank you, you’re amazing and I will definitely try to make that happen before our date in Dubai. Have a great time. Washington Dc 03/09/2017

(Steve) - Chloe is an absolutely gorgeous ebony provider with a super sexy English accent. Her pictures are extremely accurate so theres is no question with her beauty. I met Chloe a couple of weeks earlier in London, and coincidence would have it that she was visiting Boston. We started to set our second meeting while there and firmed up the details after I returned so planning and verification was a breeze. Chloe is highly recommended and i will certainly see her each times she visits or if I returned to London. 06/09/2017

(Mr Sai) - Chloe was wonderful… Not only was she wonderful but One of the Best, Probably the Best! After looking for many years all my Fantasy came alive within 2hrs of meeting her! Cant wait to see her again in London. 11/08/2017

(Steve) - Thanks so much for meeting couple of days in London. Chloe is a Special Lady. Absolutely great time, already planning to meet her on her Visit to Boston. 07/08/2017

(Ed Man) - Chloe Dior… voluptuous / athletic black woman. Great service, great person. A Must-See, when we meet again in HK. 24/05/2017

(Chris) - An amazing time with an amazing lady, thanks Chloe! HongKong 07/05/17

(Paul) - Time spent with Chloe will never be enough. A truly stunning Woman, whom I adore seeing. A body to die for and every inch desirable. Sensual and attentive, just wish I never had share. Thank you beautiful, Paul 04/04/17

(John W) - It was nice meeting you. You are very nice and beautiful enjoy your stay in MKE. 07/11/16

(Troy West) - Chloe thank you for transforming Milwaukee into a most exotic and erotic location for our magical evening last night. Your web site while beautiful does not do you or your personality justice as both your body and mind ( and the other parts) well exceed expectations. But truly the best part was the connection and laughter we shared. Safe travels and keep my city in your plans always :) 07/11/16

(SToast) - Been hoping to cross paths with Chloe for a while, definitely one of the top companion in UK. Lovely lady, gorgeous body & a really memorable experience 21/7/16….

(clover) - Chloe is stunningly beautiful and delightfull company. 2 hrs of shear bliss. Looking forward to seeing her again.

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See that magnificent and oh-so stylish lady in the picture? That’s me! Appearance is everything to me, I take massive pride in looking fabulous for every encounter & I respect you doing the same for me! Rest assured that when we meet I’ll be immaculately attired in designer clothing, with the finest french lace cut lingerie underneath….

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